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Carmen Mart announces the return of the Fall Guys for their final performance at the Tony Mart Testimonial 9/13/1982.

Depending on your era from 1945 until its close in 1982, Tony Mart’s was known by many monikers.

"Showplace of the World"
"Where Friends Meet"
"The Mart"

The owner and founder, Anthony Marotta, Sr., described it as
“not just a nightclub… it’s an institution!

Anthony Marotta, Sr. was an enterprising Sicilian American immigrant who bought “Schick’s Tavern” on Bay Avenue in Somers Point in 1944. He enlarged and remodeled it and grew the establishment into one of the most famous, exciting and historically important rock-n-roll nightclubs on the east coast of the United States.

From post World War II roots as a tavern and piano bar, it became a place for local combos and friendly entertainment with drinks and sandwiches served by milin’ Tony. Through the late swing era and the inception of rock-n-roll, it enjoyed wildly popular years during its golden era (1960-1965) with national celebrities such as Conway Twitty, Bill Haley and the Comets, Duane Eddy and Del Shannon. Through the British invasion, soul, psychedelic rock, disco, funk, new wave, punk and served rock-n-roll revivals, Tony Mart’s provided South Jersey with an amazing picture window onto the evolution of American Pop music. It was one of the most legendary and acclaimed rock-n-roll nightclubs of our lifetime.

Among other events in its illustrious 38 year history, Tony Mart’s enshrined its place in rock-n-roll history when Bob Dylan “discovered” “Levon and the Hawks” in 1965 beginning the recording career of THE BAND in May. In May 1982, the popular rock-n-roll cult movie classic, “Eddie and the Cruisers” was filmed in the final year of this rock ‘n roll mecca.
Recently, we have intensified the production of Tony Mart events including classic rock and blues concerts, celebrations and reunions reviving the legacy of the South Jersey rock-n-roll institution and providing parties for guests, patrons, friends and employees to share their reminiscences together.
We sincerely invite you to indulge in the memories on this website and join us at one of our future gatherings to savor our stories and recollections and help us keep the spirit of Tony Mart’s alive.
Let the good times roll!


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