Our Team. . . .

With the hard work and dedication of so many great people around us, 2022 has become the most successful year the Tony Mart Brand has seen since the sale and closure of Tony Mart’s in 1982.
Having just produced 34 successful concerts and events in the full 2022 season, we are actually growing as a team and creating a wider audience based on both the nostalgia and the memories as well as the intense, slamming performances , mostly free, produced for a given audience at the Jersey Shore.

   All the directors and founding members of our non profit organization, TONY MART CARES
  Carmen Marotta coproducer and administrator - Autobiographical synopsis

  Nancy Marotta coproducer and administrator
  Terri “The Grizz” Vizzone media & marketing director
  John Loreaux photography and SP Beach Facebook
  Dawn Collins TM Facebook
Cheryl Kershner Donation Coordinator
  Tony Previti Lodgistics
  Cindy & Bob Fertsch Shore Local media partners
  Marc Berman media consultant
Don Hurley media consultant
  Frank D. Formica co-producer Emeritus
  Rich “Megahurtz” Kurtz Musical Director Tony Mart Allstars
  Tony Mart Allstars  
  Frankie “Fish” Barbera  
  Linda Bader-Archambault  
  Mo Archambault  

   The Tony Mart AllStars - The best regional musicians who generally and variously appear in the different Tony Mart productions as “The Tony Mart Allstars
  Bobby Ferguson trumpet
  Howard Isaacson saxophone, flute
  “Old School” Jimmy Glenn drums, percussion
  Danny Eyer. guitar, vocals
  “Big Bob” Ernano. lead vocals
  Bob Coulon. keyboards, bass
  Dan Burke. guitar, vocals
  Rich “Mega Hurtz” Kurtz bass, vocals, musical director
  Brian “The Voice” Conover. (Center) keyboards, guitar, vocals

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Mardi Gras
Atlantic City

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Free Live Outdoor Concerts, Somers Point and Atlantic City NJ