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Memory Lane
1944 thru 1952: The early years: origin and foundation
1952 thru 1959: The tavern becomes a swingin’ nightclub.
1960 thru 1964: The golden years
1965: From Conway Twitty to Bob Dylan
1966 and 1967: British Invasion and Flower Power
1968 & 1969: The first big soul bands, Psychedelia and “Heavy” rock
1970 Thru 1972: The first rock-n-roll revival: Ricky and the Rockets
1973 thru 1976: 18 year olds are legal-Anything Goes!
1977 thru 1980: Disco vs. Rock
1981 & 1982: Shotgun brings the first “New Wave” The Crusers Bring down the cutain
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1960 thru 1964:
The tavern becomes a swingin’ nightclub.

Duane Eddy Tony Mart's 1961

Photograph of the very handsome and famous rock-n-roll guitar player, Duane Eddy.  His group achieved a hit record with the early rock-n-roll classic “Honky Tonk”.  He performed several one week engagements at Tony Mart’s and Tony Mart actually admitted, on one occasion, that he made the most money he ever made in a week during Duane Eddy’s  

Bill Haley and his Comets Tony Mart's 1961

A glossy publicity photograph of Bill Haley and his Comets as they appeared in July of 1961 at Tony Mart’s.

Dancing at Tony Mart's 1960s
Action on the dance floor by the back bar.

The Fall Guyde Tony Mart's The Fall Guys

A picture of Tony Mart’s as it appeared in the early summer of 1963.  Along the right margin are photos of the 5 “Fall Guys” as they appeared at Tony Mart’s in 1963.  The Fall Guys were the epitome of a great “house band” performing to rave reviews and tremendous applause for five years from 1960 through 1964 at Tony Mart‘s.  They actually played behind some of the biggest names in show business including Conway Twitty and Del Shannon while “Runaway” topped the national charts. 

Duane Eddie The Fall Guys Tony Mart's

A display advertisement announcing the headline appearance of Duane Eddy along with The Fall Guys in their “second smash year”.  This appeared in the summer of 1961

Photograph depicting Roger “Mr. Tony Mart” Evoy and unidentified but voluptuous brunette going under the limbo pole at the weekly Thursday night “Limbo Contest” emceed by none other than Cy White.  This picture is taken on the dance floor of Tony Mart’s with a view of the back bar where most of the draft beer was sold.  This picture is probably  from circa 1963. 

Famous postcard showing the interior of Tony Mart’s in 1959.  Len Carrie and the Crackerjacks played their last season at Tony Mart’s in 1959.  This was a Tony Mart’s that was very crowded and very successful, commercially in 1959 and 1960, causing Tony Mart to do a major expansion in the winter and early spring of 1961 as the frantically busy “golden years” ensued. 


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